ABOUT US The Leading Pesticide Factory in Ethiopia!


  • -To become a leader in the African market by Formulating and marketing of Pesticides for Agricultural and health sector by the year 2025.

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  • -To supply inputs for the health, agriculture and industry sectors.

  • -To register a sustainable growth by formulating & supplying products that satisfies customers' requirements.

  • -To set an example by following environmentally friendly formulation process.

  • -To increase customers satisfaction by utilizing local raw materials and continuously improving the customers' service and formulation process so as to minimize costs, and avail fresh & quality products.

  • -To raise workers income by improving their skills and capacity.

  • -To reduce the huge foreign currency expenditure for importing pesticides & the risk of toxic chemical stocking & cost of disposal by creating an enabling condition for need based order and order based production.


  • -The strong belief by the management and workers that satisfying customers is the essential foundation for the company's survival and growth.

  • -The deep rooted culture of determination & team work among workers and the management to attain common goals.

  • -A formulation process & products safe to workers, the environment and end users.

  • -A long established culture of participating in development activities of the surrounding societies.

  • -The high confidence of our customers and the society at large in our products and services.

  • -The positive attitude and determination by the management and workers to elevate the participation and empowerment of women at all levels of decision making in the company.